How to turn our University Campus into a more interactive and informational environment?

The Interactive Campus Workshop was an initiative by the Innovation Centre InovaCidades and by the undergraduate courses of Computer Sciences, Digital Design and Computer Engineering. From 1st to 5th September 2014, 25 students were put together in five interdisciplinary teams to propose and to develop informational and interactive projects aimed for the Senac University Centre - Santo Amaro. Organized and coordinated by professors Dr. Polise Moreira De Marchi, Dr Marcelo Hashimoto and Ms. Barbara Dariano Silva, the Workshop counted with the collaboration of docent crew, personnel and guest members by means of lectures, workshops and mentorships.

The project has the main aim of promoting the interaction and exploration of Senac University Centre - Santo Amaro.
Departing from a gamification methodology, the user is stimulated to explore stories and happenings on Campus by means of mission statements that, once successfully completed, produce points. When a determined punctuation is reached, users acquire permission to interact in certain areas of Campus, altering their displays of light or inserting sounds in determined environments.
Danilo Makoto | Ezequiel França | Gabriel Garcia | Paula Pereira | Vitor Duarte
It is your turn!
The project aims to manage time while users wait for assistance in the Campus Assistance Centre.
After picking up his or her line password ticket, the user is supposed to type its content in the provided space inside the app and, from then on, it is possible to monitor time until assistance is available, as well as the number of people still standing in line before the user. The app system sends alerts as assistance time approaches, avoiding time or turn in line losses.
Mario de Castro | Humberto Vieira | Danilo Mative | Gilmar Junior | Luis Eduardo
The project has the aim of promoting the exchange of interdisciplinary knowledge through the creation and publicity of study groups on Campus and of the exchange of services between students, allowing and enforcing the collaborational spirit between the students of the Senac University Centre.
Gabriel Vieira | Helder Rodrigues | Kevin Mazetto | Polyanna Cunha | William Alvelos
The project aims to promote interaction between students, professors and personnel by making information about sportive events on Campus available for them. By using the app, the user has access to the list of people interested in the sportive events as well as to practice time schedules. It is also possible to book sport courts and organize teams. The app also allows the setting of competitions and tournaments.
Gabriel Nopper | Fernanda Ruivo | Gabriel Cardoso | Gabriel Borges | Nicolas Fidel
The project has the aim of allowing users to insert virtual information as images, sounds, videos and texts in physical environments inside the Senac University Centre. This can be done through the usage of an augmented reality app, which aims the sharing of ideas, feelings and emotions. By using the app, users will be able to leave their personal pattern on Campus without physically altering it.
Antonio Araujo | Giovana Fernandes | Guilherme Bustamante | Felipe Ranzani | João Lucas Sisanoski