The Workshop

The São Paulo Project Workshop is a result of a partnership between SENAC University Center and KEA - Copenhagen School of Design and Technology. During 5 days Brazilian/Danish students were put together in 6 interdisciplinary and international groups to propose an interactive digital/physical intervention that promoted new meanings and uses for the social space looking forward to a more interactive and kindness urban space.

Each team was advised by professors from both Institutions in digital technology, graphic design, digital interface design, urban issues, UX and interaction design.

How can an interactive digital/physical project transform urban spaces into dream spaces of social interaction?

Considering that urban equipment and information systems are interfaces which regulate the use of the urban social space, how can an interactive digital/physical redesign project of urban equipment and/or information systems promote new meanings and uses for the social space?

The Paulista Avenue


Redesign urban equipments and information systems into interactive digital/physical interventions to improve urban interactions at Paulista avenue.

The Projects




  • Emil Forsman
  • Lucas Andrioli
  • Luisa Napoli
  • Vanessa Freitas
  • Gilmar Junior

Play Phone

Blue Juliettes


  • Balder Brüsch
  • Maitê Marroni
  • Pedro Gasparini
  • Silvana Braga


Brewing Noise


  • Alice Jennings
  • Geovani Pagotti
  • Iulian Drug
  • Julia Aurea
  • Heckttor Penfrei




  • Nicholas Dimitry
  • Dávid í Lág
  • Vitor Arrifano
  • Anne-Lise Jacobsen
  • Thais Hübsch

Explosive Rainbows


  • André Tokunaga
  • Christian Hvass
  • Patrícia Leuenroth
  • Vinicius Bordim
  • Roxana Larisa

Lixo Papão

Rolê Hygge


  • Caitlin McWethy
  • César Agostinho
  • Gustavo Kondo
  • Pollyanna Cunha
  • Sille Møller

The Team